Executive's Corner

Gabe Prewitt

KHHA Executive Secretary

Email: gabeprewitt@hotmail.com

Phone: (859) 585-0505

I am originally from Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, and a 2005 graduate of the University of Kentucky.  Although I grew up on a horse farm around the thoroughbred business, I didn't see my first harness race until moving directly across from The Red Mile in 2001.  It didn't take long for me to develop a strong interest in the game, and I purchased my first standardbred (Stardate Hall) along with Pete Foley in 2002.  I began working at The Red Mile as a teller in 2002 as well, and kept that as one of two jobs throughout my college career.  

Along with my role as Executive Secretary for the KHHA, I announce and handicap the races at The Red Mile.  I look forward to being a part of the industry in Kentucky for a long time to come, and would like to see us get back to a viable and longer racing circuit.  There is nowhere I would rather be than a racetrack, and chances are you will see me at one soon.   

Spring 2016


I hope everyone had a pleasant winter, wherever you may have spent it.  I can say on behalf of myself & KHHA Director Mike Murphy, it has been a pretty nice winter in Florida.  A very nice winter for Mike in fact, as his barn has really been on a roll at Pompano.  That's enough Florida talk though, on to more important things....     

I am looking forward to another great racing season in Kentucky, as I know most of you are as well. It seems crazy that Thunder Ridge is literally right around the corner, with the fair circuit firing up shortly thereafter.

Keep in mind KHHA Membership fee has taken a slight increase up to $50 annually.  That is still one of the lowest fees in the US, and the increase is due to 'upping' our race bike coverage to $2,000.  We self-insure the race bikes, and at $2,000 per claim, things can get quite pricey.  Also, we pay right at $40 per member for third-party liability insurance, so 80% of your dues go to that right off the top.  Not to bore you with details, but I figure any price increase deserves an explanation.  You have likely already received a renewal in the mail at this point.  

I would also like to congratulate Harley Emerson, Mike Moss, & Amanda Stephens, who have all been appointed to one-year terms on the KHHA Board of Directors by President Stewart.  President Stewart opted to appoint the only three candidates that put in to run for the board this year, rather than hold a costly election.  We also had unexpected vacancies with the very unfortunate passing of directors Jim Powell & Don Conrad, and the resignation of Matt Stephens, who took a political job in Frankfort that no longer allowed him to sit on the board.  

We have new race secretaries in place this year, with Billy Perkins opting to retire at all three tracks.  Rod Newhart will be handling that position at Thunder Ridge & Bluegrass Downs, while Tom Agosti will be in that role at The Red Mile.  I look forward to working with both, and I believe you will find it to be an enjoyable experience as well.  

If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to give me a call.  Otherwise, I will be seeing you at the races very soon!   


Until next time,